I'm a Mom Winging This Wild Ride of Being a CEO

Squeezing the goodness out of what we are given.

This is my first blog post, here it goes!

My name is Kristin and I created The Original Squeeze about 6 years ago. My inspiration was my 10 month old son Will Reef, who is now a strong willed second grader obsessed with karate, Legos, Mindcraft and anything and everything creative! My other inspiration to keep this 'Squeeze train' moving is my 5 year old daughter Sage Everly- she is my free-spirit, crystal and rock collecting animal lover who very much is always reminding me to treasure the moment and the simple things in life.

One of the questions I get asked all the time is "How do you run your business while juggling your family?" Well, probably in all the incorrect ways per many successful business professionals as well as successful homemakers! When I came up with the idea for my product I knew in my gut that it filled a need and solved a problem, as there was no existing reusable food pouch on the market at the time. I quickly learned that my product could also help many with special needs and this pulled at my heart. So I let that gut feeling and my heart fuel my day to day actions for the 14 months it took me to bring my product and my start up to life. If I could go back in time, I would have poured myself a large glass of wine (or 2, okay maybe 3) and told myself before starting out on this venture: "Girl, you do know this means you will be a CEO and you have no idea how to be a CEO, right? You are setting out to fall on your face a million times over, you will cry A LOT. You will have a million doors closed on you and you will go through doors that you probably shouldn't; you will also go through some doors that will make it all feel worth it. You will partner with all the wrong people and all the right people- learn to trust your gut, it's never lied to you! There will be no turning back as this train is moving! Oh...and you'll need to nurture your marriage, keep your domestic abode in check and be raising little humans to be mindful, kind and productive contributors to our global society (don't forget to nurture your friendships and your health too!). No stress, momma, you got this, right?!"

Fun Fact: I am straight up winging this CEO gig, as well as motherhood. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am passionate about inspiring mindfulness and health, creating, building, learning and exploring. I get excited by self-help, growth, business and motivational books; I've become really good at being a business woman and can stand the heat in any board room. I also love the juggle of taking my kids to school and picking them up most days, shuffling them to their after-school activities and teaching them how to time manage their weekly homework and chores, while multitasking in as much of my business to-do list as possible. The juggle of running a business and household simultaneously is not something I ever wished for or dreamed about, but it's my reality and my journey and I am embracing it the best I can with a grateful heart, day by day, door by door.

Am I doing it all right? Umm...No. But I'm doing my best and that's how I run my business.

Wishing you health, happiness, and gratitude along your own journey.  xo Kristin Ahmer