What are you doing to Save the Earth?

During a comedy show at the famous NYC Comedy Cellar, a comedian left me with some of the best environmental advice I've ever gotten. He said, "Why does everyone say 'Save the Earth'? The Earth is going to save itself". 

children running on green grass

This really puts it into perspective, especially for those not so sensitive to the issue. Perhaps if it were put in terms like "Protect YOUR home" those selfish enough to not care about the home we all share might give it more consideration if they think of as THEIR home. We can all be saying the same thing, but it's how we choose to say it that really gets the point across. 

The Original Squeeze was founded on the principals of 'Squeezing the Goodness out of what we were given' - one of the gifts being this gorgeous Earth full of natural resources and natural beauty to thrive and enjoy our time here.  If you are reading this, you are probably a parent just like us. Thus you know, on top of getting through the day to day, you have to consider the future consequences of your choices today.

Our squeeze pouches were created with the environment in mind. They are reusable food pouches and can last a lifetime unlike disposable food pouches that end up in landfills. This is just one healthy aspect of our product.

More ideas for getting through the day to day with the future in mind. Some seem so simple even too simple to matter, but when applied consistently they can make a huge difference. 

1. Compost the left over bits of fruits and vegetables from your smoothies and other recipes

2. Ride your bike when possible / Take public transportation / Car Pool

3. Pay attention to your water usage especially leaky sinks or broken toilets 

4. Recycle!

5. Pay bills online to save paper

6. Go meatless at least once a week 

7. Use refillable water bottles 

8. Buy local / seasonal foods as much as possible

9. Shop with a reusable shopping bag

10. Turn off the lights when not in use

As parents we all feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, and saving the Earth might feel too grand some days. Even the smallest decisions can make a big impact so do what you can and leave the rest behind. Today is your day.