New Beginnings


It's Earth Day! 🌎And it also marks the 8 year anniversary of my light bulb moment when my precious 10 month old Will Reef squeezed a disposable food pouch all over himself and the back seat of the car. Disposable pouches are not only messy and full of preservatives, but wasteful. Did you know you can't recycle those disposable pouches?! Today we are looking back with reflection for all the lessons and blessings we have received along the way.

The Original Squeeze launched to market from my garage almost 7 years ago while I had a 2 year-old in my arms, sitting on my 9 month pregnant belly. My dream at the time was to provide a reusable snack solution intended for purees like applesauce, yogurt and smoothies, for on-the-go snacking. That dream evolved into something I never could have imagined.

Most days I have felt like an imposter, playing in this game of business while juggling my role as "mom". It has been the medical testimonies that we receive weekly that have fueled my fire to pull off this dream of getting my product into the hands of those that need it the most: special needs individuals with oral challenges. I created something that often felt like it was over my head, but I have trusted the process and all the face plants I have endured while climbing this crazy mountain. We grew sales into big boxes like Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, HEB, and Costco, and shipped product into over 21 countries doing so most days while wearing yoga pants. I employed moms with drive and ambition that could bring their babies to work and most days it did feel like one big chaotic play date. Sounds so magical, right?!

'Squeezing the goodness out of what we are given' is my company tag line and my life's mantra. I wrote this tag line in 2009, 17 days after I was given the opportunity to endure a brain bleed, the gift of giving life to my firstborn and brain surgery. 10 months later, fully recovered, I stared back at this tag line in my journal the day I came up with the idea for my product The Original Squeeze. The mantra was given to me by a higher power; it's a mantra I leaned on moment to moment throughout that opportunity 10 months prior and one I have leaned on every day as I have faced the adversities and challenges of being a "momprenuer" with this big dream.

Today, I lean on this mantra again as I share it has been a rough road to scale my small company in this ever changing retail world and sadly we will be going on 'hiatus' socially as we navigate the next chapter ahead of us. Are we closing our doors? I don't know. For a few years we have been looking for the right operational partner or company who believes in our products and mission. I have fallen in love with people and partnerships that I thought were "the one" to help me with my mission and had my heart broken more than a dozen times. It's okay! If The Original Squeeze is suppose to continue on as a useful product and feeding tool, then the stars will align. If it's not, I am taking my mantra with me to the next chapter and will 'squeeze the goodness' out of that one as well. Life is so short and so unfair at times of hardship, but how we rise up makes all the difference. My babies have watched me every step of this Squeeze journey and they will be watching me step into this new chapter ahead as well. My goal is to continue to lean on gratitude, trust my journey and share my light. I am not just a mom who invented an original product. I am woman who loves life, believes there is more good in people then bad, trusts that the universe really has a plan for all of us. Yes, life gets really messy sometimes, but when we lean on gratitude with obsession, we can survive anything and blossom again. So that's the plan.

Thank you for letting us share our light with you- we hope we inspired you and brought a smile to your face with our positivity a time or two. It's been an amazing adventure and we will be celebrating 'squeezing the goodness out of what we are given'....a chance for new beginnings. ☀️

-Kristin Ahmer, Founder of The Original Squeeze

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