April Fools! You're Pregnant!

When I was a kid, my sister and I loved coming up with new April Fool’s jokes to play on our parents. One of our best might have been putting a rubber band around the kitchen spray nozzle so that the first person to turn on the facet that morning got a big spray to the face. Now, on April 1st, I am reminded of the biggest prank of my life, played on me, by my unborn son. 

Around the time my husband and I were ready to start a family, I had left my corporate job and we were both contract workers getting by with no health insurance. Obamacare early enrollment had just opened, but if anyone remembers, healthcare.gov website was a disaster. Instead of starting coverage in January, we finally got coverage on March 1st at which time I gave my husband the green light - super romantic. In March I was ovulating during the very festive holiday of Purim which was helpful with all its joviality (and booze). As we had just started “trying” I assumed it would take several month to get it right. Even as March was coming to an end I was planning where we would be in April. It would be someplace relaxing - Hello! we are stressed out New Yorkers and you cannot conceive if you are stressed. 

April 1st came, my prank days long behind me, and my period started just as it was supposed to, should I not be pregnant. Though, it was not like other periods. There was only a small amount of blood and really just lasted a few hours. My first and only thought was, “Damn, what the hell is this? How am I supposed to track this on my period tracking app?! Was this a period?” Now I was really frustrated because my always regular period was just now starting to get wacky just when I needed it regulated the most. 

I went on with my week designing and developing handbags at the Atelier and planning that getaway to the Catskill Mountains in April. Two days later, while sitting in the most comfortable purple velvet chair at the Atelier, it struck me to google this odd period I had. Something, or someone, was telling me it was extra peculiar.  I typed in “my period started and stopped” and every single search result said “You Are Pregnant”.  As I read through the stories and medical journals, the symptoms were just like mine: “my period started for only a day”, “it was an odd dark red, brownish color”, “implantation bleeding”….You Are Pregnant. 

Typically I make special occasions as elaborate as possible. This time I immediately texted my husband, “I think I’m pregnant”. He wrote back “ ??????? “.  That night we had dinner at the dark, cozy Austrian restaurant in our neighborhood and talked about WHAT IF? While a quick pregnancy test would have answered the question immediately, we preferred to ponder the possibility. Perhaps because it was all happening so quickly, we needed this time to take it all in and adjust.  We decided we would wait until Saturday morning to take the test because if it were true, we wanted to be able to spend the day together and bask in the news, since it’s the world’s hardest secret to keep all to yourself. After dinner we went to CVS to buy a pregnancy test and prenatal vitamins. I started to take the vitamins and we put the test away in the cabinet.  Really, we might be the most patient people I know when it comes to surprises. We went on with our daily routine for 2 more days. 

I read morning is the best time to take urine tests so when we woke I went straight to the bathroom. As you already know, the result was positive. We were having a baby!!! Oh no, not a December baby?! Timing is everything and thanks to the perfect timing of the Affordable Care Act and it’s faulty website, Purim parties and a cheeky little spirit waiting for the right parents to play a joke, we had an April Fool’s Day we will never forget. 


Jenée Naquin is a Fashion Brand Builder, an Adventure Seeker and now, Mother. She resides in Brooklyn with her toddler and husband navigating a Cajun-Jewish household. Just before giving birth, she helped launch a new fashion company which is Redefining Luxury. She always makes time for a great adventure from staycations to the exotic, now with baby in tow. Growing up Cajun, making it in New York and figuring out how to raise a healthy interfaith family takes a lot of "Jenée" Sais Quoi which she pens on her personal blog jeneesaisquoi.com and photo documents on Instagram.