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On August 1st 2009, Kristin Ahmer's life was forever changed. She gave birth not only to her first born, Will Reef, but also a new take on what living for the now really meant.

The day Will was born Kristin suffered a brain aneurysm and during brain surgery doctors found what caused the bleed was known as an AVM ( arteriovenous malformation ) which Kristin most likely was born with.

During Kristin's 17 day opportunity in ICU away from her first born, it was a gratitude journal that helped Kristin survive the fear of the unknown. It was this 17 day opportunity that birthed Kristin's idea that she was going to 'squeeze the goodness' out of every moment and breath that was given to her in this life. And no matter what mountains she faced, she was going to lean on gratitude, optimism, and hope with a determined spirit.


Squeezing the goodness out of what we are given.® It's a lifestyle. 

‘Squeezing the goodness’ is savoring every moment you are given and finding the sunshine in it, even behind the cloud...finding the humor beneath the fear.

’Squeezing the goodness’ is about this very moment because it is all we have. There are no promises of what tomorrow may bring. Find the laughter. Smile today. Live for today.

— Kristin Ahmer's Gratitude Journal entry August 17th, 2009