STARTER 3 PACK: SPILL-PROOF Squeezes, "Ocean "

STARTER 3 PACK: SPILL-PROOF Squeezes, "Ocean "


Bundle up and save almost 10% off the list price. 

Starter Pack Contents:

  • 1 (2oz) Original Squeeze® w/ Spill Proof spout in Teal
  • 1 (2oz) Original Squeeze® w/ Spill Proof spout in Blueberry
  • 1 (2oz) Original Squeeze® w/ Spill Proof spout in Surf

Every parent is grateful for extra Squeeze's! Carrot puree, then banana mash, then broccoli soup...You can see how quickly you'll need the next Squeeze! Doesn't it seem like we spend our whole day feeding our little loves? Stock up, Mom and Dad.

The Original Squeeze® is a reusable squeeze food pouch with a spill-proof spout®. This is the perfect style and size squeeze for the first-time eater with the tiniest hands and littlest tummy. The spill-proof nipple spout keeps the food between the spout and your baby's mouth, and nowhere in-between. Watch baby proudly and safely feed herself in her highchair, car seat, and everywhere the two of you go. Fill baby's Squeeze with homemade baby food, nutritious smoothies or wholesome purees and pack it up every day for all life’s adventures on-the-go!

  • 3 (2oz) Original Squeezes for multiple babies or multiple snacks.
  • Colors: Teal, Blueberry, Surf
  • spill-proof spout
  • 100% toxin free ; BPA-PVC-and Phthalate-free
  • Four easy-to-assemble components
  • Naturally non-stick for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher friendly, top-rack only
  • Freezer-safe
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