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On August 1st 2009, Kristin Ahmer's life was forever changed. Kristin gave birth to her first born child, Will Reef, and a whole new take on what living for the now really meant.

The day Will was born, Kristin suffered a brain aneurysm and shortly thereafter underwent brain surgery when doctors discovered the cause of the bleed - an AVM ( arteriovenous malformation ) - which she was most likely born with, but had gone unnoticed until the end of her pregnancy.

During Kristin's 17 day recovery in the ICU, away from her newborn son, it was a gratitude journal that helped Kristin survive the fear of the unknown. It was this 17 day opportunity that birthed Kristin's signature mantra - that she was going to 'squeeze the goodness' out of every moment and every breath that was given to her in this life. And that no matter what mountains she faced, she was going to lean on gratitude, optimism, and hope with a determined spirit.

Fast forward to ten months later, when Kristin is fully healthy and enjoying her 10 month old son.  On their way to an important event, Will squeezed out the entire contents of one of those disposable food pouches all over himself and the car seat and his adorable outfit. Frustrated, but not hopeless, Kristin cared more about the possibility that a better product existed more than the outfit Will ruined. Researching a reusable and spill-proof alternative to the disposable pouch, Kristin was shocked to learn that a reusable squeeze pouch did not exist! It was in that very moment, that Kristin decided she would take on the enormous task (ignorance was bliss at the time!) of creating the very first reusable food pouch - The Original Squeeze. "How hard could it be? This isn't brain surgery!" Kristin proclaimed to her husband. With that determined spirit, and her product development and design background, Kristin set out to make her sudden dream, a reality. 14 months later, The Original Squeeze launched to market - the same month that Kristin and her husband welcomed their second-born, Sage Everly. 

The rest of the story to date has been a wild ride of mountain climbing, hurdle after hurdle, face plants, tears, cheers, lessons learned, and continued growth, all while juggling the blessings of raising a family and making them priority #1. We hope Kristin's story inspires you to shoot for the moon, hold your loved ones tight and cherish every moment you are given in this lifetime while 'squeezing the goodness' out of what you are given.

‘Squeezing the goodness’ is savoring every moment you are given and finding the sunshine in it, even behind the cloud...finding the humor beneath the fear.

’Squeezing the goodness’ is about this very moment because it is all we have. There are no promises of what tomorrow may bring. Find the laughter. Smile today. Live for today.

— Kristin Ahmer's Gratitude Journal entry August 17th, 2009


Children on a Mission with Original Squeeze


In its most literal sense, we are giving you and the ones you love most, the opportunity to 'squeeze the goodness' out of the first reusable food pouch - The Original Squeeze, 100% toxin free, silicone squeeze pouches that are easy to assemble, clean and refill again and again. Stockpile your healthy smoothies for the week and pop your squeezes into the freezer. Dishwasher safe? You betcha'. (Top-rack of course.)

All of our Squeeze spouts are interchangeable on any size squeeze. Need spill-proof? You'll want our flagship Original Squeeze. Growing kiddo tired of the "baby spout" and ready to show off her new self-control? Switch to the Original Squeeze with Eeeze. Looking for a spout that looks less like a baby bottle and more...Mature? You've gotta check out our Sport Squeeze. Drop us a line and tell us what's working for your family and what could be improved. We are listening and want to know how your squeeze style is evolving.  

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality reusable food pouch. Designed by a mom who knows all about those annoying nooks and crannies to clean; Who has lost more then a dozen caps and lids to the vast darkness within the cupboards and drawers; Who values aesthetically pleasing designs, colors and shapes (even if she prefers her yoga pants most days); And who wants to help you get your little one to 'squeeze the goodness' out of the healthy snack or meal you lovingly prepared (okay, that store-bought yogurt, too). Our pouch was designed by Kristin, a mom that spoon-fed her babes homemade purees while at home, but needed the portable, safe, reusable solution and convenience of a food pouch for her on-the-go lifestyle.


As a company and as a family, we are determined to 'squeeze the goodness' out of what we are given with hopes of inspiring others to do the same. 

We dream of raising children with hopeful ambitions of making the world a better place, moment to moment.

We believe that each new day we are given is a gift. Within every one of these daily gifts, are opportunities that allow us to grow, flourish, and make another smile.

Gratitude is the pillar we lean on when times get hard, because there is always much to be thankful for and channel positive energy towards.

May we all remember to use our hearts as we encounter one another in-person and over our modern-day virtual lives.

May we practice peace in our homes.

May we be grateful for our breath.

And may we always remember to 'squeeze the goodness' out of what we have been given.

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