We are on a Mission


We are determined to inspire the lifestyle of 'squeezing the goodness' out of whatever life hands you.

In this case, we are giving you or someone dear in your life the opportunity to 'squeeze the goodness' out of the first reusable food pouch- The Original Squeeze®. 100% toxin free, silicone squeeze pouches, that are easy to assemble, clean and fill. Stock pile your healthy smoothies for the week and pop your squeezes into the freezer. Dishwasher safe? You betcha ya. Top rack of course.

All our Squeeze spouts are interchangeable on any size squeeze. Spill-proof squeeze needs? You'll want our flagship Original Squeeze®. Free-flowing squeeze needs for those with more dexterity? You need our Original Squeeze with Eeeze. Needing a flip spout that looks less like a baby bottle spout? If yes, you should check out our Sport Squeeze®Our mission is to listen to your needs as your squeeze style evolves. Drop us a line and share what design changes we should consider as we grow.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality reusable food pouch. Designed by a mom who knows all about those annoying nooks and crannies to clean; by a mom that has lost more then a dozen caps and lids to the vast darkness within the cupboards and drawers. Designed by a mom that values esthetically pleasing designs, colors and shapes, even if she prefers her yoga pants most days; by a mom that wants you to help your little one to 'squeeze the goodness' out of the healthy smoothie snack you have made them or even the yogurt you bought at the store. Our pouch was designed by a mom that spoon fed her babes purees while at home, but was always on-the-go and needed that portable, healthy reusable solution of a convenient food pouch.


'Squeezing the goodness' is a lifestyle.

As a company and as a family, we are determined to 'squeeze the goodness' out of what we are given with hopes of inspiring others to do the same. 

We dream of raising children with hopeful ambitions of making the world a better place, moment to moment.

We believe that each new day we are given is a gift. Within every one of these daily gifts, are opportunities that allow us to grow, flourish, and make another smile.

Gratitude is the pillar we lean on when times get hard, because there is always much to be thankful for and channel positive energy towards.

May we all remember to use our hearts as we encounter one another in-person and over our modern-day virtual lives.

May we practice peace in our homes.

May we be grateful for our breath.

And may we always remember to 'squeeze the goodness' out of what we have been given.